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The right person in the right place

Meipso streamlines the recruitment process through a better match between employers and candidates. Whether you are an employer or a candidate, Meipso can help you during a recruitment process.

We focus on the important personal profile early in the recruitment process. The goal is to increase both parties’ knowledge of the extent to which the job matches the applicant’s characteristics. Meipso gives the employer access to all candidates’ personal profiles, which provides a broader and better overview of the extent to which they are relevant to the job. This also contributes to an open-minded recruitment process. We are convinced that it is at least as important to match job and personal profile as it is to find someone with just the right skills. It is important that the person being hired is interested in the tasks, has personal qualities that match the job and is happy with how the company or organization works.

The matching instruments that Meipso uses are based on 20 years of research and have been developed by Professor Martin Bäckström, who works as a researcher at Lund University. Martin has over 20 years of experience in personality inventory and is one of the founder of Meipso AB.