How to thrive at work


Match making

We founded Meipso because of the lack of opportunity for candidates to conduct personality inventories on their own initiative. CV databases in all glory but people are more complex than what is indicated by the skills they have managed to acquire and describe in their own words.

Today we do not only offer our service to the candidates, who with the help of our report can describe themself and highlight the qualities that match a job and the employer’s demand. Our service has been developed to also include the employer’s recruitment and selection work. But the candidate still owns his data and decides for himself who to give access to the data.

Our belief is that successful recruitment is facilitated if it is based on consensus and understanding between employer and candidate. Meipso contributes to the process by creating a common language where words such as outward-looking, cooperation, challenge, etc. have the same meaning for both applicants and employers, a prerequisite for being able to compare candidates against the requirements profile. The core of our business is precisely that the employer receives help to set requirements and to match these with the applicants’ personal profile, in this way conditions are provided for achieving the ultimate match between jobseekers and jobs.

In order for both employers and candidates to be able to trust the results, we base our development work on research conducted on recruitment.