Question and answers

Q: Do I have to answer all the questions at the same time?

A: You can take a break if you want. Just log in and start over. The application keeps track of how many questions have been answered.

Q: Can I skip questions or undo answers and back off in the test?

A: You can go back one step if you think you missed something.

Q: Who has access to my report?

A: You have the report and are the only one who can produce it (and / or allow potential employers to see it).

Q: Can I have multiple active reports?

A: No, you can only have one active report. It is linked to your social security number and valid for 6 months and must then be confirmed or renewed.

Q: Can you guarantee that I will be interviewed when I send a report?

A: Getting an interview or not can have many reasons, where personality and interest in the information are two important aspects. In general, employers attach great importance to personal suitability – that you are suitable for the tasks and in the culture of the workplace – and we are convinced that the report provides both the candidate and the employer with a better basis for assessing personal suitability. The possibility of being called for an interview thus increases if your personality matches the employer’s requirements and wishes.

Q: Why do I need answers to so many questions?

A: There are many characteristics that may be of interest to an employer. The test is general and in order to get accurate measurements of all these properties, we have to ask many questions.

Q: Why do I have to renew the date of the report every 6 months?

A: The dates that indicate when the test was performed and the validity of the test are there to maintain high credibility. Employers can ensure that there is only one active report per candidate by checking the expiration date. Employers also have the opportunity via Meipso’s website to search for the report’s ID number to check the report’s authenticity.

Q: How long does the test take to complete?

A: The test is divided into three parts. The first part concerns personality and takes approx. 20–25 minutes and the second part refers to job interest and takes approx. 10-15 minutes. The third part deals with your values ​​and takes about 10-15 minutes to respond to.

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