Terms and Conditions


Meipso Aktiebolag (corporate identity number 559067-8370) (“Meipso”) provides electronic services online in the form of a psychological test where the user receives the response summary of a personality inventory performed in an analysis document (the “Service”). The service is sold by the user entering into an agreement with Meipso (the “Agreement”). The agreement gives the user the right to use the Service in accordance with the parties’ agreement. The user gets access to the Service through a username and password for a web-based application. The service is personal and may not be transferred to another. These general terms and conditions for users apply to Meipso’s provision of the Service to the user. The general terms and conditions for users thus form part of the Agreement reached between the parties.

1. Contract period

An agreement is signed for a psychological test, including the accompanying analysis documents. After completing the psychological test, the user’s analysis document is available for 6 months from the completion of the test. Meipso reserves the right to refuse the user to perform a new test within 6 months of previous tests.

2. Delivery

Delivery takes place by the user gaining access to the Service and being able to view the analysis document.

3. Maintenance

Meipso reserves the right to maintain and thereby modify the content of the Service. Further development and updating of the Service takes place continuously.

Transfer of login details

The service is personal. Login details may not be transferred without the written consent of Meipso.

5. Suspension of the Service

Meipso reserves the right to terminate users’ access to the Service with immediate effect and terminate the Agreement if the user uses the Service in an improper manner.

6. Personal data

Personal and company information is treated confidentially by Meipso. Meipso is responsible for the personal data for the processing and has the right to use this personal data to store the necessary customer information in order to fulfill the Agreement. Personal data stored is first name, last name, invoice address, e-mail address, telephone number, personal or organization number as well as the user’s personality test and analysis documents. The user has the right to request an extract from the register in order to be able to check what information is registered. The data controller is obliged to correct information that is incorrect, incomplete or misleading at the request of users. The user also has the right to have his information deleted on request.


7. Limitation of liability

Meipso provides a personality test that has been grounded in many years of scientific work and provides the user with instructions but does not take responsibility for the outcome of the test. Meipso is not responsible for how the user uses or applies the Service. When subscribing to the Service, the User has agreed to use the Service in an ethically correct manner and in accordance with these general terms and conditions. Meipso also has no responsibility to third parties for the user’s application or use of the analysis document. Meipso is not responsible for alleged or incidental damage, loss or cost that directly or indirectly depends on or is alleged to be due to the content of Meipso’s Service. Meipso is not responsible for any loss of data by the user when using Meipso’s Service.

8. Intellectual property rights and usufruct

Meipso owns all intellectual property rights including, but not limited to, copyright, the Meipso trademark and other trademarks or product names that Meipso may from time to time use in Meipso’s documents, equipment, software, manuals or other information provided by Meipso. The User receives the right to use the ordered Service to the extent agreed upon when signing the Agreement. The content of the Service may not be copied or otherwise reproduced or distributed to another.

9. Technical standard

Meipso is not responsible for any deficiencies or limitations in the user’s operating system and computer environment. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that he has the necessary technical standard for using the ordered Service before entering into the Agreement. Meipso’s services thus presuppose that the user has the required technical standard.

10. Force majeure

The parties are released from liability for breaches of the Agreement caused by circumstances beyond the party’s control, such as disruptions or interruptions in public data or telephone networks, accidents, fires, lightning strikes, explosions, wars, riots, floods, natural disasters or changes in government regulations or government intervention. In order for such a circumstance to be invoked as a ground for exemption, a party must notify the other party without delay. A party’s obligation under the Agreement re-enters as soon as such a circumstance as mentioned no longer exists.

11. Applicable law and dispute

Disputes due to agreements and general terms and conditions for users shall ultimately be decided by a Swedish general court.